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Gong Summit Wrap Up

A Final Overview

It's now a month since the end of the Gong Summit. I can still feel the experience resonating through my body/mind/spirit. I've only really started to process everything. 

For me, it was both life changing and life affirming.

Life changing in that I met so many wonderful people. We shared time, meals, conversations, ideas, and of course the Gongs. I learned so much, not only from the other Masterclass presenters, but from my fellow attendees. I watched all of you play Gongs, testing them out in the various rooms and hallways. I listened, I learned, I absorbed what everyone did. I'm sorry that I didn't have a chance to meet and personally talk with everyone there, but maybe next time. 

It was life affirming for me to be accepted so lovingly by everyone. I was initially worried that my Masterclass subject might be too out there or technical, but by the response and comments, it helped a lot of people out and reaffirmed many people's own thoughts and idea…