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Don't Be Afraid To Give It All Away

I remember when I was younger, learning how to play music and percussion, that so much of it was discovery. And it was so exciting to get together with friends and share what we all had discovered, "Check this out!" Being a drummer/percussionist, you're automatically part of a larger group, a fraternity of sorts. And a thing I've always loved is how drummers are so willing to share their ideas. I remember as an aspiring teenage drummer writing letters to various big name drummers of the time asking them questions. Many of them were kind enough to write back with answers. The same when seeing a drummer in concert, many were more than glad to talk to people after their concert and answer all manner of drumming questions. This sort of response made an impression on me. I've been going to PASIC (Percussive Arts Society International Convention) since 1987. PASIC is a 4 day event that gathers 5,000-6,000 percussionists in a convention center with hundreds of schedu

Be Still

I wish that I could say that I'm somehow perfect, that I've got it all happening and make no mistakes. But the truth is, I'm human like all of you. And that means I need to constantly remind myself to stay on the path. Sure it's gotten easier over the years, but today there are so many more distractions! The internet can be a million distractions. So can multitasking. I know that I get caught up in doing too many things and don't allow myself the time to just be still . A view from my path… Part of the problem is our society, which seems to reward people for being as active as possible. If you take some quiet time, or just sit and meditate, people may look at you as being lazy, or unmotivated. But they fail to realize that often the best way to be motivated and creative is to be still so you can be open for incoming messages.  And this carries over to playing our instruments. We don't always have to be making busy or spectacular music.  Gongs/Bowls/B