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Working With The Elemental Energies

My last blog post ( Following Your Own Tuning ) addressed my own feelings and theories on Planetary Tunings and using Western tunings on the Ancient Chakra system. I expressed that I don't really follow those ideas and work more from an intuitive system. But beyond that, there are some ideas I feel more aligned with. Elemental Energy Besides using my intuition, I base much of what I do off of the Ancient ideas of Elemental Energy. Variations on the belief & use of 4 or 5 Elemental Energies can be found in many cultures. In his  Tetrasomia , or  Doctrine of the Four Elements , fifth century B.C. Greek philosopher, scientist and healer, Empedocles, described how all matter is comprised of four "roots" or elements:  Earth, Air, Fire, and Water , with these 'roots' interacting with each other. The philosopher Aristotle, later added a fifth element,  aithêr  (ether), which was what the Heavens were made of. Thus while the Four Elements

Following Your Own Tuning

I've had tinnitus for as long as I can remember, most likely from playing in very loud rock bands before ear protection was even thought of. So a lot of the time, like right now, I hear a fairly loud ringing in my ears. But is this really tinnitus, or is it just the sound of myself? The internal sounds we hear may be that of our own energy resonating.  Everyone has a resonant frequency. Everyone also has resonant harmonics that they are attracted to.  These are important in working with the Gongs. In fact, to me, these are more important than trying make the Western note scale fit the Chakras and other sound therapy modalities.  For example: imagine you buy a Bowl or Gong tuned to the note G , which has been assigned to the Throat Chakra. Now what if when you play that Bowl/Gong for yourself, or someone else, and the vibrations fail to affect your Throat Chakra? What if it affects your Heart Chakra instead? Does that mean the Bowl/Gong is wrong ? Or that you/someone else i