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From the Mail box: Should I Change My Gong Cord

This week I'd like to look at a question that comes not from my mail box, but from a recent Facebook discussion. Someone posted this:  “The Gut Cord on my Gong is beginning to shred a bit. What is a good cord to buy to hold my 32" Paiste?…How often does the Gut cord need replacing? Mine is starting to shred after only 4 months on my 32" Paiste.” Of course there were many suggestions as far as what to do, mostly about using different types of cord/wire to hang their Gong. I gave my suggestion as per a replacement cord, but then asked a very important question: how 'frayed' was their cord?  They posted this photo: In actuality, this is not very frayed and not a problem. I can certainly understand their concern, but Paiste has long chosen to use gut cord for their Gongs because it's extremely strong and durable, and also flexible. As for my own Paiste Gongs, most of them have cords that look like this photo. I have 20 year old ones that look