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Pragmatism vs Woo Woo

There is so much misinformation and  myth surrounding Gongs & Singing Bowls and their use in meditation, sound therapy, and “healing.” While the internet has been a boon to the availability of communication and information, it has also become a great place to spread heresay and  “I read/someone told me”  things as fact. Facebook, in particular, has become the breeding ground for so much disinformation. Not a day goes by where I read some sort of post claiming to present factual information that is more wishful thinking or outright falsehoods.  Just because you saw it on Facebook doesn't mean it's true! It's difficult to work with Gongs & Singing Bowls without feeling some sort of spiritual aspect or dimension to them. Face it, the sounds are transcendent. But the problem is that there are a million different versions of this spirituality. And everyone believes what they believe to be true. Where I find fault is when people let their spirituality get in the way

More Junk Mythology

So someone posted this on my Facebook feed yesterday: This seems so much like the recent 432Hz myth that has been making the rounds. My response was, “ Show me the science behind this: research, references, etc…”   It says right in the posting, “the 528Hz tone alone is scientifically [italics mine] associated with DNA repair.” So, where is this science? The person who posted this responded to me, “ You can look for that yourself. I personally have no need to find the research or references ; it means nothing to me [italics mine]. Feeling and experiencing is good enough for me. Plenty out there to explore in terms of science , then again we know very little on the universe and it's workings.” This is one of the big problems in the sound healing/therapy community, going on faith alone, without bothering to do any research or study. Yes, there are a lot of things I believe, but I do look into them. I take time to try and find out if something it true before

Happy 2nd Anniversary!

So here we are, 2 years into this blog. I never started writing with any goal or time frame in mind. I just wanted to communicate and share what I know, what I have discovered along the path. My thanks to everyone who reads and shares this blog. I appreciate your support and interest. A writer with no readers is no writer… Here's to many more years! ~ MB Chop Water / Carry Wood / Play Gongs™

What I Think Doesn't Matter

What I think doesn't matter. That's right. Between all my blogs, I've written over 400 posts, and what I think doesn't ultimately matter. What matters is what you think. Really. All these blogs are about what I think, what I do, what I understand. All these blogs are based on the context of my life, my experiences. But you are  not  me! And because of that, your life experiences will vary from mine. I appreciate that you spend the time to read my words. I appreciate that many of you comment either here, on Facebook, in an e-mail, or in a conversation, because that is what I'm am trying to do here: create some conversation about things. I don't want anyone reading my words and just accepting what I say blindly. I want people to explore and do their own things. If my words or ideas can help launch somebody on the way, that's great. I presented a workshop this past weekend and made sure to tell people what I'm telling you now: these are my