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Don't Listen To Me (Or Anyone Else)

Don't listen to me and do what I do. Too many people today just mimic what others do. A trained animal can do that.  Whatever happened to creativity? Look around you. So many things today are just a redo of something old. Movies are a great example of that. How many movies have come out in the past 5 years that are just remakes of old movies? Sure, they can update them with CGI and other affects. They can base them on today, instead of years ago. But the story remains the same—and we've all seen/heard it before. I'm glad that you are here reading my blog. That is why I take the time to write it. I like the idea of communicating what I think and know to others. But…don't just copy my thoughts and ideas. You aren't me. You never will be me.  I'd much prefer it if people would be inspired by what I write, then go out and find their own version of it. The world has enough copies: be an original! Take ideas from me and everyone else, and use them to co