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From The Mail Bag: How Do You Do What You Do?

Today we look a what is the most asked question at my sessions and from people online: How do you do what you do? This goes along with, What are you thinking? , and, Are you improvising? A full answer would be very long and complicated. It would also not mean anything to anyone other than myself, because it's based on who I am, how I think, and how I feel. The Alchemy and the Ecstasy  A Typical Session When I present a Meditation/Healing/Therapy Session (you can call it what you like), I base it on 3 main criteria: The room I'm playing in. Different sized rooms, and different acoustics, call for different sounds and techniques. The people I am playing for. What are their needs and intentions that they have brought with them? How I feel at the time. What are my moods, vibes, and intentions. These 3 factors set the main tone for the session. On the next level, yes, I improvise a lot, all based on the 3 criteria above. But I also work with a plan , which is mo

What Gong Should I Buy???

First off, welcome to The Way of the Gong ™ blog post number 200! When I started this blog nearly 6 years ago, I never planned to still be here in the year 2020. A big thank you to all who read and support my work here, and on my other two blogs as well. I've covered this subject before, back in April 2013 in my Percussion Deconstruction ™ blog before this one. It's a subject that keeps coming up, so I don't think it's bad to cover it again.  Now on to today's blog: What Gong Should I Buy??? Today's topic is a reoccurring one that came up again in a Facebook forum this week. I also receive a lot of E-mail with the same question, either, “ What Gong should I buy?,” or a variation like, “I'm looking at these two gongs, which one should I buy?” Today, there are a lot more choices than when I started out on the Gong Path some 45 years ago. There are so many choices, and opinions about those choices, that it can be a very confusing prospect for a neo