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From The Mail Bag: Hz, Pitch, Tune, Frequency, Overtones, Harmonics

Today's blog comes from the mail box. The very talented Gong Maker from Argentina, Blau Gong ( Facebook or Blau Gong ) asks: I hope if an any next article you could teach a little bit of characteristics of sounds. Concepts like hz, pitch, tune, frequency, overtones, harmonics, because I don’t know a lot, but usually I read stupid things like, "Chinese gongs don’t have harmonics" etc. Thanks. This is a really great question, as I suspect many people don't really know much about these concepts. So let's take a closer look: Hertz The hertz is the derived unit of frequency in the International System of Units and is defined as one cycle per second. It is named for Heinrich Rudolf Hertz, the first person to provide conclusive proof of the existence of electromagnetic waves. Hertz are commonly expressed in multiples: kilohertz, megahertz, gigahertz, and terahertz. (from Wikipedia) Hertz , abbreviated as Hz, is the measurement of the vibration of sound waves