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Finding Your Own Voice

There are literally thousands (maybe even tens of thousands) of Gong players out there today. What makes you stand out from all of them? Really. What makes what you so different from the masses playing around the world everyday? These are very important questions to ask yourself. I see so many people who just do indiscriminate banging on their Gongs and think they are doing something amazing. Well, they are not. And they are not any different than thousands of other people doing the same thing at the same level of mediocre competence and creativity. A short Quiz List you 3 favorite musicians/singers/bands. Then ask yourself why you like them and what makes them  musically   stand out to you above all the similar artists. Go ahead and do this. I'll wait. A Short Answer Whether they are megastars filling arenas, or hometown musicians filling bars & clubs, they most likely have what Bowie called sound & vision . Along their career path, they developed a musica

From the Mailbag: Should I Set Up In The Center, Or Near A Wall?

From this week's mailbag: “Should I set up in the center of the room, or near a wall?” There's no easy answer here, as everything depends on the room you are playing in. I have set up in all types of places in all types of rooms. I have always chosen my set up place in order to maximize the sound potential of the room, and in some cases to also maximize the seating potential of the people attending. But in a lot of situations, the room itself dictates where to set up. Different Rooms, Different Acoustics Let's take a look at various situations and also look at some of the acoustical problems presented by different rooms. While I have set up in the middle of a room onmany occasions, I prefer to set up near a wall. Part of this is my own personal preference for sound and how it works against a wall. Another part is how to fit everyone in the room. And there is also the acoustics of the room and how things will sound vs set up placement. In a long rectangular room, I p