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Where Do We Go From Here?

If you're not in my general Facebook circle, you might not be aware of how my last 2 blog posts literally started a massive fire on Facebook. I think we're now approaching 300 response posts. If you haven't read the blogs, you can find them here and here . Please read them before you go any further. Here is the link to most of the Facebook responses. As happens on Facebook, after a while, it gets difficult to follow and keep track of things. The conversation often veers off on tangents, and sometimes the original thought is lost. For the most part, this stayed on track and presented a very valuable and needed discussion. The journey is long, the path is never ending. So where do we go from here? People who play Gongs and/or Singing Bowls in a group setting—whether it's called meditation, therapy, or healing—need to hold themselves to a higher standard. There's much too much misinformation and sleight of hand out there. A lot of this misinformation is

Certification, Part 2

I originally wrote this week's post shortly after the last one. But since then, things have blown up on Facebook, with well over 150 comments/posts in response to last week's blog. Some of the discussion took a turn off on a tangent, so I'd like to address that before presenting this week's blog post. A number of people in the UK brought up that in order to get insurance, covering their sound healing practice, they need a certificate showing that they have completed some sort of course. While I understand this, it's a completely different subject that has nothing to do with what I was talking about.  As these Facebook discussions go, they often vere off into various tangents, bringing up related subject matter. This has happened numerous times in response to blog posts of mine. I always welcome it, because as a writer, getting people to both think and respond to what I write, is my whole purpose of writing in the 1st place. Writing is one of those strange things

Are You A Certified Gong or Bowl Practitioner?

I had just been talking to someone about various classes that certify you as a Gong or Bowl practitioner, when this blog came across my radar:  Tarot certification: do you need it? , written by The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed. Before you go any further, please click on the link above and read the blog post. Every time the word tarot comes up, replace it with Gong or Singing Bowl. OK, I must admit that everything she said on there I feel much the same. That's a reason I don't give certificates out to people who study with me. I am only passing on the information and knowledge that I have acquired over the years. After you have studied with me, what you do with what you have learned is up to you. I also have no set program. I prefer to approach each person on an individual basis, giving them the information they need at that particular time. If you study with me over a period of time, then you will receive a growing and deeper base of knowledge. But there's no way I co

Touch The Sound

Touching Your Instruments Touch. It's so simple, we do it all the time. But what about touching your sound? Have you really felt the vibrations? I know a lot of people are afraid to touch their Gongs or Bowls, because they don't want to get fingerprints on them. Many people wear white cotton gloves when handling them. This is partly because someone once posted online that fingerprints will affect the sound, deadening the Gong or Bowl. This is only slightly true. You would have to accumulate years and years of fingerprints and dirt to actually deaden the vibrations of your instruments. Just touching your Gong/Bowl won't change it's sound. Modern Paiste Gongs, and some others, come from the factory with a protective wax coating. All you need to do is take a soft cloth and wipe them off after each use to keep them clean. If they get dirtier, use some mild dish soap and water, then dry with a towel. That will clean things up nicely. Unless the wax coating has worn away,

Listening to the Inner Sound

A Tale to Tell This past week has been very trying for me. Last Tuesday, I tried to brush something away from my left eye. When it didn't brush away, I realized it was inside my eye.  The next morning, my eye doctor  gave me a thorough exam and then said, “I need to send you to the Eye Institute (at the big medical center). You may have a retina tear.” As I got ready to leave, they were already calling over there to set things up and faxing my paperwork. I arrived at the Institute and got right in. Once again my eye was dilated and thoroughly checked out. “You have a tear in the corner of the retina. As soon as we can, you're going in for laser eye surgery.” I sat in the waiting room for a few minutes, then was ushered into another room, where the eye specialist shot a laser into my eye hundreds of times (I lost count), sealing the tear. Fortunately, it was in the edge of the retina and my vision, so no vision problems should occur. Laser beam eye: yes, it was like S