528Hz, 432Hz, and Other Fallacies

OK people, it's time to get real and actually do some reading and research, instead of just passing around articles that are so blatantly false! The latest one to come across my desk from Facebook is: The Healing Benefits of 528 Hz & Other Solfeggio Frequencies. Follow the link and take a minute to read through this article.

“I don't really care if it's true or not, it's just fun and interesting.  I'm sure you'll feel the same.”

Can 432Hz save the world? (photo from: Forever Conscious)

Let's get real here. As a professional musician, I care about whether something like this is “true or not.” I also don't find bogus information masquerading as science “fun.” Let's look at some of the “fun” ideas this article presents:

  1. There is NO conspiracy to change our musical scales away from some “ancient and sacred 6-tone scale” to something sinister and menacing.
  2. The Solfeggio system is just one of many, many musical systems used throughout history. To say that forces are at work to discredit the original solfeggio frequencies because they “hold spiritual and metaphysical power.” is false. (Cue the X-Files theme music)
  3. All musical frequencies have power. This is why tribal societies and religions over the history of mankind have been into chanting and playing music for ceremonies and events. But different cultures use different tunings. If there was 1 magical note, we would all be using it.
  4. The 528Hz frequency is just another frequency. You can use it to produce Chladni patterns using water, powders, sand, salt, etc. I've done this here in my studio. But there is no more magical power inherent in this frequency than any other. The same goes for 432Hz, which has been in a lot of articles lately and is claimed to be the healing tone of the Universe.
  5. “Right now in Western music (that even a lot of the Eastern world is beginning to adopt especially with their pop music, which only supports the conspiracy) the standard tuning of instruments is to A-440.” Actually, many orchestras now tune to A-442. This has nothing to do with the Nazis or the NWO. Orchestral tunings have varied throughout the history of modern orchestras. It is only recently, in the last century, that the tuning was standardized. In the past, tuning was all over the place. It varied due to different factors, such as, the instruments the music was written for; or in opera, the tuning was often adjusted for the vocal range of the main singers. In general, tuning lower creates a fuller, darker sound. Tuning higher, produces a brighter sound.
  6. Even today, some bands may tune up to a step lower to get a fuller sound. I've played in bands that did that.
  7. There is no magic frequency that can repair our DNA, alter our minds, or save the world.

Take some time to Google 432Hz and 528Hz. You'll find an amazing amount of bogus articles steeped in woo woo and false science. 

The Missing Piece

Now, did you notice one big, glaring problem with this article? Everything it talks about comes from a Western point of view! While it did mention the Hindu Chakra system, it never delves into the music, scales, or tunings of India, or China, or the rest of Asia, or the vast expanse of Russia, or South America, or any non-Western/European countries.

When you take a look at, and study, the music of these other cultures, you will find some very different ways of thinking about music, scales, and tunings. Sure there are some similarities, but the majority of the musical theory is very different from the Western ideas that came out of Pythagorus, Bach, and Mozart. 

It is only in the past 50-100 years that we have seen these other cultures adopting and adapting Western musical ideas, because of things like globalization and the internet. For example, we can find modern, Western style orchestras in China made up of Chinese musicians, playing Western classical music. But we can also find Asian Gamelan orchestras in the USA, made up of everyday Americans, playing traditional Balinese Gamelan music. So this cross fertilization goes both ways.

Your Responsibility

What can you do about this? The main thing is when you find and read an article like the one linked above, don't spread it around! Don't jump on Facebook, or other social media, and post it. The sooner we stop doing this, the sooner these type of false ideas will fade away.

~ MB

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  1. Love this and believe it is so true....

  2. There is an effect on a lot of voices when we tune our 12-TET with A4 at 440Hz which is very obvious when you start to compare with slightly lower pitches for A4.
    I have listened to a ton of music tuned down 12 (437hz) to 32 cents (432Hz). Its like all voices gain a color or resonance closer to a natural speech of the human voice. Former european pitch at 435Hz is the true comprimise to my ears. Decided by 6 composers and 2 physicians. In france 1859. Adopted in a lot of european countried and agreed upon on a conference in vienna 1885.
    The difference between 440Hz and 435Hz is just 20 cents but the dramatic mezzo Soprano, dramatic tenor or dramatic baritone in operas by puccini, Verdi and donizetti should not be performed above 437Hz. This roughly 12 cents is also the amount of flatness i experience with struggling rock singers and a certain second passaggio note is very difficult when A4 is 440-442. For my voice that note in a rock setting is E4. I need A4 to be 20 cents lower performing live with cofindence on that note. The same goes for G#4. 415.3Hz is difficult. 410.5Hz feels much better. 408Hz more natural (A4=432Hz).


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