Are You A Certified Gong or Bowl Practitioner?

I had just been talking to someone about various classes that certify you as a Gong or Bowl practitioner, when this blog came across my radar: Tarot certification: do you need it?, written by The Tarot Lady, Theresa Reed. Before you go any further, please click on the link above and read the blog post. Every time the word tarot comes up, replace it with Gong or Singing Bowl.

OK, I must admit that everything she said on there I feel much the same. That's a reason I don't give certificates out to people who study with me. I am only passing on the information and knowledge that I have acquired over the years. After you have studied with me, what you do with what you have learned is up to you. I also have no set program. I prefer to approach each person on an individual basis, giving them the information they need at that particular time. If you study with me over a period of time, then you will receive a growing and deeper base of knowledge. But there's no way I could just hand it all out and give someone a piece of paper proclaiming that they are certified in my method.

Part of that is that I have no one method. I do different things, depending on the situation. Also, I have no interest in creating a number of clones, each doing and sounding like me. I much prefer that people find their own path. I also don't want to be held to someone else's method or path. But I take what I do seriously. It's never casual or haphazard.

But there are no certificates or titles for studying with me.

~ MB

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