I Don't Do Cosmic

There tends to be a lot of cosmic woo-woo around the Gongs and Bowls. That may be fine for others, but I just don't get into that. In fact, I find it more distracting than anything. Maybe it's my background as a trained percussionist that makes me more pragmatic. This is not to say that I don't have a spiritual side. In fact, I'm very spiritual, and have spent the past 40 years studying different aspects of spirituality, Shamanism, Ancient Mystery Schools, and other esoteric aspects. But I also balance that out with with healthy doses of science and practical exploration through empirical evidence.

Michael Paiste Volcano Gong - A portal to other realms

Another part of this is that when you come to my sessions, I don't want to impose my own thoughts and beliefs upon you. We all have our own highly personal beliefs. What I am, is a facilitator, opening a portal to the energy and vibrations of the Gongs/Bowls/Bells. I am here to open the way to yourself. It is up to you to go through that door and experience what you will. This is another reason I never tell people what to expect during the session, because if I have learned one thing in doing this all these years, it is that the experience is very different for everyone. 

If in the beginning of a session I were to say, "You should feel a warming sensation while the Gongs are playing," you will have expectations, instead of just letting things happen naturally. Then if you don't feel any warming, you will either think you are wrong, or that I am wrong. Yes, some people report feeling warm, yet others report feeling cold, or other types of sensations.

I prefer to let the sound/vibrations do the guiding. And while playing, I'm always paying attention. Paying attention to the sound of the instruments, to the sound of the room, to how I am feeling, to how the people in attendance are feeling, to how the overall experience is moving along. This is my responsibility. Again, I am just opening the portal of vibrations, it is up to each person to step through and experience whatever journey awaits them. I try to remain as invisible as possible.

~ MB

Addendum: I'm not against cosmic. If that works for you, then by all means go with it!

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