The Path of Devotion

Today's post goes along with my last post, Chado, The Way of Tea. 

We live in a global culture that is all about instant gratification. We have instant food, instant communication, and the media likes to portray that we can have instant fame, and even fortune. All the young kids have been lead to think they can get on some sort of TV show or media contest and be discovered. They can become instant stars without putting in any work.

If you've tried to master something—like sports, music, art, or even coding or video gaming—then you know it takes much more than wishful thinking and halfhearted effort to achieve your goals. 

It takes work.

It takes devotion. 

Devotion. The path of devotion is a rocky one. But any obstacles we come across and get by help make us better for it. 

Devotion can be defined as a profound dedication. That means that whether it's sunny or rainy, hot or cold, early or late, near or far, that we do the work and not just talk about doing the work.

Too many people today talk about doing the work. They talk about being the writer, the pianist, the triathlete, the dancer, the goalie, the painter, the teacher, the poet, and on and one. But they just talk.

And of those who do set out on the path and do the work, many complain about the work: it's too hard, too long, too unknown, too boring, too generic. But without the work, there is no reward.

Exercise: think of something you love to do at any and all costs. Think of how it burns through you like a fire. Think of how you let nothing stop you from doing it.

That is devotion.

That is something to use as an example and inspiration to light the fires and set out on the path of devotion for other things. We are all devoted to something. Learn what it is and how to use it as leverage elsewhere in your life.

There is often devotion in the everyday: Chop Wood / Carry Water / Play Gongs.

Be devoted.

~ MB

Chop Wood | Carry Water | Play Gongs    


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