The Myth of 432Hz Tuning

There has been a lot of focus recently on how A=432Hz is some sort of magical, mystical, natural tuning that we need to get back to. 

 Here is a link to some of the expert articles that speak at length about the virtues of 432Hz. Please read them before continuing:

Here is Why You Should Consider Converting Your Music To A=432Hz

Here is another article: What is 432 Hz tuning?

Ok, now that you've read those, let's take a look at some ideas about tuning. Tuning has been all over the place throughout history, and even today. I listen to a lot of Gong/Gamelan music, and the instrument makers over in Asia don't tune to any one universal tuning. They have family tunings, which are tunings that have been handed down by the instrument makers families for generations. Now this means that in an ensemble, like a Gamelan, the whole ensemble of instruments is made and tuned together to be played as a family. Thus you can not use another Gong makers instruments in the ensemble, because they will most likely be out of tune with those instruments. That is why a complete Gamelan set is kept together, and why some organizations may have 2 or more complete sets of Gamelan instruments, each in a different tuning/scale. And you will not find Asian Gongs tuned to a Western scale unless they are specifically made that way so they can be used in Western orchestral music.

The same with Singing Bowls. A lot of voodoo is tossed around about how you need Chakra Bowls tuned to the specific notes of the Chakras. For example, F for the Heart Chakra, A for the Brow Chakra, etc. In my experience, this does not hold true. I have found sound/tunings and the response to them to be fluid. While one person may respond to a specific note, another may respond to a different note. Also, the Chakra system is an ancient system devised in a non-Western culture, well before the West came up with the modern 12-note scale. So how can we assume that something that old was designed to work with a tuning system only hundreds of years old? This is a clear example of the West appropriating Ancient wisdom and assigning its own values to that system.

It doesn't work that way folks!

Now I will be the first person to say that I an not an expert or authority on all this, so I will give you 2 links to people who know much more on this and have written very well researched articles on it. 

First is Rich Goodhart, who recently wrote this:   ~ A=432Hz: Truth, Lies and Creative Story Telling ~

And then the great Frank Perry, who wrote this: 


As with anything on the internet, don't just believe it because you read it there. Don't even take the things I write about on my blogs as being the only way, because I always write from my perspective and what works for me. Things may work differently for you

Do your fact checking. Look at the research and sources sited.

~ MB

Addendum: I need to thank Mitch Nur (of 9 Ways Academia) for bringing this discussion to light. Mitch is an invaluable resource and true expert on these sound matters. I have great respect for Mitch.

Addendum #2: I have received comments from people who say they use 432Hz and it's wonderful, fantastic, great, etc. Mind you, I'm not saying that 432Hz is bad, I'm just pointing out that apparently a lot of the so called facts about 432Hz are actually false. As with everything in life, everyone is different, and everyone will find what works for them. If 432Hz works for you, then great. Just be aware that many of the claims about it are false.

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  1. HI!! I read the article, very interesting. I was sure 432 is a good "healing" freq. but not the only one.. maybe it doesn't matter what frequency you use, it's important the feeling.. maybe an exact freq. can help to induce a better experience.
    I'm actually looking to start the way of the gong as after my fisrt gong bath i still hear gongs calling me :)
    I read about Hans Cousto who found the frequencies of the actual planetary gongs.
    I saw I can find Gong Masters to learn how to play gongs (most planetary cos of they healing sound) but sometimes i have some doubts because I don't want to fall on some New Age convinctions.

    Mr. Michael Bettine I would like to ask what do you think about these topics? Are planetary gong good? how to start the way of the gongs? what is important to know for a beginner?


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