More Junk Mythology

So someone posted this on my Facebook feed yesterday:

This seems so much like the recent 432Hz myth that has been making the rounds.

My response was, “Show me the science behind this: research, references, etc…” 

It says right in the posting, “the 528Hz tone alone is scientifically [italics mine] associated with DNA repair.” So, where is this science?

The person who posted this responded to me, “You can look for that yourself. I personally have no need to find the research or references ; it means nothing to me [italics mine]. Feeling and experiencing is good enough for me. Plenty out there to explore in terms of science , then again we know very little on the universe and it's workings.”

This is one of the big problems in the sound healing/therapy community, going on faith alone, without bothering to do any research or study. Yes, there are a lot of things I believe, but I do look into them. I take time to try and find out if something it true before I pass it on. And if I don't know for sure, I usually don't talk about it. Research, it means everything to me

I won't believe something just because it was on Facebook!

When I 1st started on this path, I read read all that I could find out about sound and it's affects on people. I also talked to any and everyone who knew something on this that I could. I wrote letters and e-mail to people. I read books. And I even did my own research and experiments. Here I am, many years later, and I'm still doing all of the above. And in all this time, I have changed my mind on numerous things, due to new research and investigations.

I remain open to the possibility that everything I know may be proven wrong at some future date.

Stay open minded. If you see something on Facebook, Twitter, or anywhere on the internet, don't just assume it's true. Look into it. Question it. Find out for yourself if there is anything to back up the claims. 

Feeling is one thing. Knowing is even better.

~ MB

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