What I Think Doesn't Matter

What I think doesn't matter.

That's right.

Between all my blogs, I've written over 400 posts, and what I think doesn't ultimately matter.

What matters is what you think.


All these blogs are about what I think, what I do, what I understand. All these blogs are based on the context of my life, my experiences. But you are not me! And because of that, your life experiences will vary from mine.

I appreciate that you spend the time to read my words. I appreciate that many of you comment either here, on Facebook, in an e-mail, or in a conversation, because that is what I'm am trying to do here: create some conversation about things. I don't want anyone reading my words and just accepting what I say blindly. I want people to explore and do their own things. If my words or ideas can help launch somebody on the way, that's great.

I presented a workshop this past weekend and made sure to tell people what I'm telling you now: these are my ideas and opinions, you are free to like them or disagree with them. You are free to believe in something completely different. And that's great. I would hate a world where we all thought and acted the same.

So thank you for reading my blogs. I really do appreciate it. I hope that if nothing else, my words are food for thought and get you thinking about what you do.

~ MB

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