The Light Through the Cracks in Your Life

Everything in the Universe is broken in some way. 
Nothing is perfect. 

But in being broken everything is perfect. This state of broken perfection is a state of both change and growth. It it through the cracks in our lives, the very cracks we try to hide and avoid, that the light comes into our lives. And not just light, but sound, as they are both vibrational forms of the same Universe. 

Kintsugi - the Japanese art of fixing broken pottery 
with gold and lacquer to transform it into a new art object.

As you do your practice, as you meditate, do not shut yourself off. Do not close yourself up. Be open. Let the cracks appear, as they are not the wounds you think they are, but are: 

Doors to expansion.
Doors to opportunity.
Doors to the real you.

How often when you were hurt or lost have you reached for the sound?

Turned on the radio.
Hummed or sung to yourself.
Played your instruments.

And how did that make you feel? Don't wait for those difficult moments to reach for the sound. 

Do it now. 
Let the vibrations flow in. 
Let the newness begin.

Silence reigns across the landscape
until broken by the metallic call
of tones deep like a winter's canyon
with a depth ringing out
and echoing across the sky —:
this is the moment when all disappears
into the sound, rich and sonorous;
disappears into the unconscious vibration,
transcending all names.
For how can one put a name on forever?
Or speak of the essence divine,
when no words are made
that can convey this sense of wonder.
Oh, let me melt within the sacred tones
as I take refuge from the
bitter silence of our lives.
From Dragon Songs, ©1999 IAM Publishing,
reprinted with permission.
Transform yourself…

~ MB

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