How Should You Face?

Today's blog comes from this week's mail box. A question was asked, 
“Although I originally learned and observe others playing the gong with their back to receivers, gong facing them, I've changed that so that I can occasionally look up to check on my students. What is your opinion?”
 What way to face? I usually have my Gongs behind me and face away from the people. As a drummer, this just evolved out of having my Gongs behind my drum set years ago. I still set up that way today, partly out of habit, partly out of practicality, especially in a concert situation. 

Circa 1980: drums in front, Gongs in back.

Circa 2015: drum in front, Gongs in back.

So naturally, in a Gong Meditation Session, I usually have the Gongs in the back, with Bells and Bowls in the front. It's more of a circular set up where I move around and face different ways, depending on what instruments I'm playing. But if I'm working with a Yoga teacher, or something similar, I will usually be behind the Gongs so I can watch what's happening.

Me: Gongs behind, Bowls in front. Kenny Kolter: Gong in front, Bowls on the side.

There's no real rules on this. I know people who face toward, and people who face away. Whatever is most comfortable for you is the most important thing. 

Another question I get is “How should the session participants face?” I know some people who say, “You should lay with your head facing the Gongs, so the energy goes into your Crown Chakra.” Personally, I don't suggest or prefer any position for participants. I always start a session by offering various suggestions: laying with your head towards the Gongs, or away from the Gongs. I also tell people to feel free to sit up if they're more comfortable. Also, feel free to change position. I have found that it's more important for people to be comfortable than to all be in a predetermined position. Besides, we are all different, and you may receive more benefit from one position, while your neighbor will from a different position. It's important to remain fluid in all things.

Thanks to Tamara for the original question!


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