There's A Beauty In The Process

Everyone wants to be a Gongmaster. Not only that, but everyone wants to become one in a week or two. That's all part of today's world of instant gratification. But this instant gratification is an illusion. It's like fast food: it fills you up, but doesn't nourish you, so an hour later you are hungry again.

And so too being a Gongmaster. Ah yes, you took a weekend course and learned what you thought was all you needed to know about Gongs, Singing Bowls, or Bells. Now you called up a few yoga studios and are presenting sound healing or sound therapy sessions. Stop fooling yourself. You have mastered nothing!

The Destination Is Never The Goal

This is only the beginning of a life long process. The destination is never the goal. The journey to the destination is the goal. Think about life: the destination is death. Are we all looking forward to dying, focused on that event? No, we are all out there living, making the journey, and hopefully enjoying it. The same too with becoming a Gongmaster (whatever that really is). 

What is your practice?

I've been writing lately about the practice. This is the most important element of our lives, of our growth and fulfillment. The practice is the joy of discovery, the joy of learning, the joy of becoming more. Rather than rushing headfirst towards the end, we should embrace the practice. Embrace it everyday. 

Keep working with your instruments. 
Keep working on your sound.
Keep working on your technique.
Keep reading new materials.
Keep listening to the world around you.
Keep exploring the unknown.

Then years from now, when you are taking your last breath, you can finally say you are a master. A master of your own life.

Be the Practice.

~ MB

Chop Wood / Carry Water / Play Gongs™ / Practice


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