Transcendence Is An Artform

When you reach the horizon, there is still the horizon ahead of you. - Singal Rinpoche

As a species, mankind is always striving for new horizons. We seem to have a restless spirit, that despite various set backs over history, continually moves ahead. It seems that we are predestined to not just sit still, but to explore and discover the universe around us. A big part of this is our personal universe, for we all contain worlds within.

As an artist, whether you dance, sing, paint, sculpt, or play an instrument, there is often this sense of the act of doing our art being a sacred sacrament. It's no accident that religions throughout history have used music and other arts as a way to reach the divine. If anything, the arts are a bridge to another world, to the heavens.

Who hasn't been moved by the exquisite motion of a dancer, the plaintive voice of a singer yearning for a lost love, the grace of a marble sculpture, or the way a painting reveals new worlds. There is transcendence in art, and in ourselves creating our art.

Transcend is defined as, to rise above or go beyond the limits of (Merriam-Webster). 

In a continuation of the Art as a Spiritual Practice theme, remember not to grow comfortable and complacent with your art. In playing your music (or presenting another art form), there comes a time when your audience will catch up with you. In most cases, they are looking for you to lead. If you stand still, your art, and their interest, will diminish. Keep moving forward. 

The sounds available from Gongs/Bowls/Bells is infinite! Even after all the years I've been playing, I keep finding new sounds, new combinations of sounds, new ways to create sounds. I played two concerts last weekend and came up with new sounds each night. This doesn't happen by itself, but takes work. You have to put in your time on the instruments and also keep an open mind: be ready for anything to happen. You have a lot of horizons to explore.

~ MB

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