Evolution Revolution Convolution

We live in a dynamic Universe where change is a constant. Even if you somehow manage to stay unvarying, the world around you will change and eventually move away from you. I'm sure most, if not all of us, should be able to look back on the last 5, 10, 20, or more years and see a continual change in our work. Sometimes it may be big leaps that move into new territories. Other times it may be a more subtle refinement of what we are doing. But there is change none the less.

I look back upon my own career and see a steady evolution built upon both exploring new ideas, and refining old ones. I recall in the past when my idea was one of creating a large shifting fabric of vibrations. There was an intense amount of energy released, in a sometimes almost cataclysmic way. It was forceful. It was intense. It was too much at times.

But as I went on, I learned to trust silence and invite it in. I found that without it, how could you appreciate all the intense sound? 

Silence lets us know sound. 
Sound lets us know silence. 

It's the dual nature of the Universe. I also started to refine the way I played, the way I brought out the sound. Smaller, more subtle movements tended to bring out smaller, more subtle sounds. And like a painter facing their canvas, these movements added shade and texture to the bolder sound colors.

I also gradually added more instruments to the Gongs. Bowls, bells, shakers, small percussion items became the different textures of my sound world. I reached back into my percussion training and assembled groups of instruments, bringing melody and harmony into the picture. To me, these were more connecting than just great walls of sound. Instead of making the sounds move outward, I changed my approach to draw the listeners inward, inviting them into my world. And this is a personal invitation, “Come experience all these wonderful, subtle sounds!”

I continually work to refine what I do, and to work with any new information that comes my way. What I do today has changed dramatically from what I did 10, 20, or more years ago. And it will keep changing in the future.

How much has your work changed over the years?

~ MB

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