Looking For Perfect Sounds

There is no magic to what I do. I play sounds. That's it. But I've spent most of my life learning how to make those sounds, and I've also learned when to make them. And I think that is very important. 

Anyone can make a sound, but, and this is important, not everyone can make the right sound at the right time. I'm not saying that I'm the world's expert on this, but I've put in my time, and I keep working at it. Sometimes things don't turn out right, or as I expected, but I'm able to carry on and make a better sound, a better choice as I move forward.

I just try to make sounds that I find interesting and hope that others find them interesting too. - Michael Bettine

I've also really distanced myself from the whole sound therapy community, because so much of it is based on magical thinking—things like 432Hz, Planet Gongs, 7-metal alloys, assigned notes for each Chakra, etc. While I believe in magic, I don't do magical thinking when it comes to something as important as sound. I prefer to deal with truth and reality.

As for sounds, there are no perfect sounds because everything is fluid. What might be the right sound today, will be the wrong one tomorrow, or next Thursday. The same with instruments. The Gong/Bowl/Bell that is perfect for this present moment, might not be the right one later on. The only sure thing in the Universe is change. And everything we do changes all the time. So I don't grasp at what may be perceived as unchangeable, because I know there is always the possibility of change.

I have seen this in my career. Many of the things I knew, believed, and held dear early on, I eventually abandoned for better things. This is all a part of life. This is what learning is about. I'm sure that what I do today will be different a year from now, 5 years from now, 20 years from now. And If I haven't changed, then I've grown stagnant. 

Keep seeking. Keep learning. Embrace change.

~ MB

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