The Gong As Teacher

Here I am, face to face with my Gong. Present. In the moment. Without expectation. I start playing and listen, feel, experience what the Gong is saying. I follow it, letting it lead me on a journey. There is no need to push things. No need to try and take it somewhere else. I just go with it.

Student & listener as teacher

The Gong, as teacher, as resource, as experience. Follow the sound. When I play, I can feel the vibrations. I can feel how the Gong moves under the mallet. I can feel how it reacts to differing pressure. Hard brings out one harmonic. Softer brings out another. Still harder opens up another world of sound. 

Change the mallet and start all over again, observing how the Gong reacts. It talks to me. It shows me how it will respond to different mallets, different pressure. I only need to observe and remember.

The Gong, as teacher…

Are you a student?

~ MB

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  1. Gong as the guide. As I walk around its rim its leads me to its core. I use different mallets as if I put on different shoes. Some for walking, some for strolling, others for running. As I close my eyes & feel the different paths it takes me on. The journey is never the same yet it always lead me there... just as i begin to think I have been there before, it leads me elsewhere, to a place I have never been. I am open, I am sound.


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