Getting Inside The Outside

Think of sound as a bubble, but a bubble that is bigger inside than on the outside (a TARDIS if you will, Dr. Who fans). This is 4th dimensional thinking. Sound is more than sound, it is an expression of the fabric of the Universe. Everything is made up of vibration. Things vibrate at different states and our senses pick up on them: touch, scent, taste, sight, sound—these are all our experience of the vibrations around us. But as humans, we have a limited sense ability. Beyond what we can sense, there are other vibrations: ultraviolet, infrared, ultrasonic, infrasound—frequencies both above and below our normal range of experience. 

photo by lieveheersbeestje

As much as we hear with our ears, we also hear with our whole body. Our bones, muscles, organs—in fact, our very cells hear sound vibrations. When listening to Gongs, Singing Bowls, or Bells, don't just limit yourself to using your ears. Listen to your body. Feel the vibrations. Feel the bubble of sound around you and inside you. This is not a flat 2D experience, or even a 3D experience. This is entering expanded dimensions. 

Another aspect to look at is that of our consciousness. By opening up to the sound/vibrations, we open up our experience beyond the senses. Many people report entering a deep dream state where both time and space cease to exist. Past becomes present, future becomes past. What seems like 10 minutes was in reality an hour. This sort of distortion occurs when one is truly present in the moment, or zero point of existence. This is the state that mystics and ascetics strive for. 

Be open to the experience…

~ MB

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