The Sound Of Stillness

We live in a fast paced world where we are plugged into everything: cell phones, computers, cable, and a host of information overload devices. Sometimes it's difficult for us to just stop. Stop and listen to the stillness.

I know how hard it is. It's even scary, like if we stop, our life, or the world will stop. But that won't happen. Everything will go on, even if we step out of the rush for a while. All it takes is trust. But that trust isn't always easy to follow.

I think about when I present a Gong session. I'm always wondering in the back of my mind if the people are ok. I'm wondering if I should play another Gong, or Bell, or Bowl. Maybe they'll get impatient if I don't make a sound quick enough. But it's just my own fear of slowing down that's saying this.

Be in the moment. Be in the stillness. In fact, welcome the stillness. Play one note, let it fade away, let it disappear completely. Then wait a little more—don't hurry—then play the next note. If you trust yourself, the people will trust you and follow. Be strong in your resolve to let the sound evaporate completely into the air before you play the next one. Relax. Breathe. Enjoy the stillness around you. And listen for the other sounds. Let them in let them be heard. People breathing, the traffic outside, the roof creaking, birds, etc. By letting the other sounds in, we become a part of the whole.

Follow the stillness…

~ MB

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