Stop and Take A Breath

Monkey Mind. It's something I've written about before. It doesn't just affect us, but it also affects the people we are playing for. Have you ever been ready to start a Gong or Bowl session, and there is a restlessness in the air? As much as the people are there, and want to relax and take in the vibrations, they often carry the day's baggage in with them.

The first place to start is to ground and center yourself. You may have some sort of ritual you go through. I like to find a quiet place and just feel the vibe of the room and the arriving people. I also do some hand Mudras to help focus and relax. And most importantly, I will breathe. I'll take some deep breaths to help relax and focus, but most importantly, to release all the baggage and monkey mind that I have brought with me.

I didn't always do it, but I now start my sessions with having everyone take a deep breath and slowly release it. I instruct them as they exhale to also release all their tensions, worries, and thoughts about the outside world. I repeat this 3 times. Now this does 2 things: 1) it really does help them release their baggage and monkey mind. 2) it helps everyone, including myself, get into the same space. 

Another important thing I say is to not have any expectations. Let whatever happens, happen. This is very important! Otherwise people will be laying on their mats waiting for something they think should happen to them. And this something may never come, because each of us has our own, different experience. Monkey mind will come out and say, "Why hasn't this happened yet? Whats wrong?" And people will ultimately feel that something is wrong with you, or them, or both, because they didn't get what they expected.

Now this is different if you are offering a guided meditation or Yoga Nidra session. I've done both. But most of my Gong Meditation Sessions are about having a personal experience, whether that's just having a relaxing sleep for an hour, or traveling to other realms/dimensions. Without expectation, anything is possible.

Keep breathing…

~ MB

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