Looking Back On The 1st Year

Here I am, and this blog is now celebrating its 1st anniversary! The last year has gone by quickly. This blog is an offshoot of my other blog, Percussion Deconstruction (which just celebrated its 4th Anniversary!). As time went on, I became more focused on the Gongs/Bowls/Bells in my own work and wanted to write more about my experiences with them, but these experiences differed from what I was writing about in Percussion Deconstruction.

Thus, The Way Of The Gong was born. In the past year it has gathered its own audience and grown to be what it is today. And after 43 posts it keeps going deeper. 

There is much to explore and much to discuss. I am honored that so many people have found this blog to be both informative and inspiring.

I like to think that much of what I write in both these blogs is applicable to all types of music and musicians, as well as all types of art, whether it be dance, painting, sculpting, writing, poetry, etc., as I see everything connected and originating from the same source of inspiration.

I'd like to thank everyone for their support and comments over the past year, and look forward to the next one.

~ MB

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