A Thousand Colors of White

There seems to be a sort of idea that to be spiritual, and to work with the Gongs/Bowls/Bells, you need to wear some sort of specific dress. For many people, they think of wearing white. White is often associated with purity, or harmony. If you like white, or you belong to a religious/spiritual group that prefers white, then wear it. But if you vibrate to a different frequency, to a different color, wear that. 

I don't have any white clothes. I don't wear white. I don't vibrate with white. So don't expect me to wear white to fit your needs of me being spiritual. I have almost always worn black, maybe some red, gray, or blue. But I really like black. I feel comfortable in it. I feel its vibration. It works for me. 

And I almost always take off my shoes when I play. That's not out of respect for anything, but more for practicality. 1) I can move around quietly, 2) I can feel the vibrations through the floor better. That's all.

The Universe doesn't care what you wear. There are no approved clothes or styles. The Universe only wants you to be you. If paisley or day-glo is your thing, then wear it. And if people don't like it, they don't have to be in your orbit. They can find someone else they resonate with. 

The same thing with hair and beards. Grow it long, cut it off, shave it close—the Universe really doesn't care and it makes no difference to how you create vibrations with the Gongs. 

Don't let the outer trappings get in the way of what you feel called to do. Be comfortable as who you are, and bring forth the vibrations.

~ MB

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