Time Shifting

Time does not exist—this is a new quantum physics theory that is gaining in popularity: 

There is no past. 
There is no future. 
There is just the present moment, which is all possible moments existing at once.

Thus by changing our perception, we can change our view of time.

If you've worked with Gongs/Bowls/Bells for long enough, you know that the resulting vibrational fields can alter your perception of time. How often have you played for an hour and you, and/or your participants, have remarked that it seemed like 10 minutes? I hear this a lot from people at my sessions. 

Another scenario is people who feel like they're been gone for hours, even though it was just 1 hour. Time shifting. Changing your perception of what time is and where it is, or perhaps more accurately, where you are in relation to time at any given moment.

Yogis and Spiritual Masters talk about enlightenment, or nirvana, where you merge with the oneness of all. This is the point where you understand that time doesn't exist and you move beyond it.

Scientists today are also talking about how our conscious thought can affect the Universe—our thoughts can actually change things.

With this in mind, when I present a Session, I am consciously trying to affect the time continuum. Because our lives are so hurried and frazzled, I consciously work to slow time down, to shift us into another perception of time, so that the hour or so we spend together changes how we are living our lives. Hopefully this down shifting will go with us and impact other parts of our lives in future present moments.

~ MB

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