Of Gongs, Quantum Particles, Thoughts, and Realities

This is sort of a part 2 to last week's blog…

This Fluid Universe

Recent scientific experiments have shown that, on a quantum level, our own thoughts and expectations can influence the outcome of experiments. Science has also shown that the placebo effect is real. Patients given a placebo drug, believing it was the actual drug, report the same positive results as those given the actual drug.

There is also a lot of scientific speculation as to the nature of alternate/parallel Universes/realities. Some people speculate that we could each be living multiple lives in different realities, and that these may crossover and affect each other. Others speculate that we could actually be living in some sort of Matrix like reality.

EnlightenmentAs Breaking Through

Many ancient religious texts talk about the illusionary nature of the Universe and that the idea of enlightenment is one of breaking through that illusion. We are also told that we can create our lives as we want to. All this shows that our minds have a great amount of control in creating our reality. 

If you believe that a certain Gong has the ability to help with a specific health issue or Chakra, then perhaps it is true because you are creating that reality by your belief. We create our own reality every day. We perceive the Universe in our own unique way. So none of us have exactly the same experience. Even eyewitnesses to a crime or accident will describe the same event differently, because memory is based upon personal experiences. 

It’s Your Life/Illusion

So if you truly believe that a certain Gong or bowl has the ability to affect you in a certain way, or that it carries the properties of heavenly bodies, who am I, or anyone else, to say that it doesn't?

Be yourself. Believe what feels right to you. 

~ MB

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