From Here To Eternity: Parallel Paths

Everything in life is a personal journey, and no 2 person's journeys are the same. We can talk and write about it all we want, but our journey always remains our own, because we see and experience it from the inside, while others only see outward manifestations of our experience. Life is very much like watching a film. We can experience the story the film is telling, but we can't experience being the actors making the film.

Walking the Path

It is much the same with sound. As players, we each have our own, unique journey making the sounds. And as listeners, we each have our own unique experience hearing the sounds. The player cannot have the same experience as the listener. So too, no 2 listeners can have the same experience. We can all have similar experiences, but not the same. 

Don't ever assume that what you are experiencing is the same as others.

This blog is about my journey. You may have similar experiences, you may have completely different experiences—it is my hope that we can always find common ground. It is the same when I play for others. I always hope that we can meet somewhere and share part of what is happening, yet I want each person to have their own, personal experience. This is the reason I never tell people what to expect, or dictate to them what will happen (the exception would be a guided Yoga Nidra session or similar).

The other side of this is that I never know what I am going to do! There are things that I often repeat, but I don't have a set list or a plan. So how can I tell others what to expect?

Walk your path. Let others walk their's. Celebrate them both.

~ MB

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