This Is Not A Competition

It always intrigues me how artists often talk like they are in some sort of completion with other artists. “If only I was as good as X,” or, “I've really got X beat with what I'm doing now.” This type of thinking, whether feeling less than, or better than someone else, is really counter productive to our artistic endeavors. 

The funny thing is, if you are trying to keep up with someone else, they will always be a step or two ahead of you. And if you feel that you are ahead of someone else, they may shift direction and leave you sitting there by yourself.


Competition. What for? What is the real goal? The only competition we need is with ourselves. The challenge should not be to be better than someone else, but to be better at what we do each day. The arts are not sports. There are no winners or losers. There is no real definition of winning.

I used to think this way, but it's a dead end where you end up spending too much time looking over your shoulder at what others are doing. What they do is them. What you do is you. I'd much rather keep moving forward on my own path, walking it every day.


Keep a diary, journal, list, or some sort of record of what you do with your art each day. Perhaps set some sort of goals, like working/practicing so many hours, or completing so much work. This will help you recognize forward movement in your endeavors. It will also help you identify patterns, such as your most, or least creative times. But don't look at it as a task list. If you set a goal of creating 10 pieces, and you only complete 8 or 9, that does not mean you have failed. Don't buy into that notion.

Some of the greatest works of art, literature, and music only happened after long periods of little work or success. After walking through this creative desert, inspiration struck and in a fury of activity, something great was born.

Honor yourself
Honor your art
Every day

~ MB

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