What's The Best Gong To Buy?

This week we go to the mail box again. This time from Rafael in Brazil:

Can I ask you a question, please? One interested person that wants a gong for Yoga sessions asked what is the ideal size for a gong in that situation? We have the 32" Chiron, but is it too big? What should be considered? Do you think a 24" is too small?

32” is a great size because it puts out a lot of vibrations, yet it is still easily carried. I use 2-32” Paiste Gongs, a Symphonic and a Sound Creation Earth. The Chiron is a great Gong and I know a lot of people who use that one. I always recommend a Gong 24” or larger for yoga or meditation, especially if it’s the only gong being used. A 24” still puts out a lot of sound & vibrations. Smaller Gongs just don't seem to have the enough vibrational power on their own. The one exception would be the 22" Paiste Accent Gong, which puts out a lot of sound for its size.

My current Paiste set up is the 2-32” Gongs, a 28” Jupiter, 26” Prototype, 24” Venus, and a 22” Accent. But I do change Gongs as the mood takes me. Others I will use, usually in place of the Venus and/or Accent are: 24" Paiste Sound Creation Water, 24" UFIP Tampang, 23.5" Michael Paiste Wasser, 24" Chinese Chau, various sized Chinese Wind Gongs, or a large aluminum bell plate.

My current Meditation Session set up as described above

I will use smaller diameter Gongs, but these are always as a supplement to the larger, main Gongs. If I used only 1 Gong, I would use the 32" Symphonic, as it can cover any situation.

I am also not against larger Gongs and have used them from 34" up to 50" in various meditation sessions. Currently I'm using 32" as my largest because they are still easy to carry and transport. I usually play an extensive set up, and I have tried to make it as easy to transport and set up as possible. When I travel, there's only me to do it all. I would love to bring a 40" to every session, but that's a lot more metal to contend with.

It's important to stress that the Gongs I haver listed are my personal choices. It's important for everyone to play and find the Gongs that will work for them. Gongs are very personal, and what works for me, may not work for someone else. 

~ MB

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