Alchemy, Magick, the 432Hz Fallacy And Other Things

Facebook is often a cesspool of false information and options stated as fact. But there are also pockets of wisdom and truth. There have been some interesting discussions as of late centered around healing frequencies and instrument tunings. Of course the idea of 432Hz and other magical tunings, as well as magical instruments, came up in these discussions.

Recently, Thomas Orr Anderson asked the questions:

If you were provided with one high quality tuning fork, tuned to some fundamental frequency between 80 Hz and 150 Hz, could you provide an effective therapy session with that tool... regardless of the specific tuning frequency?  
Alternatively, if you were provided with one high quality bowl or gong... could you provide an effective therapy session with that tool... regardless of the specific fundamental tuning?
I take a very Alchemical approach to all this. Merriam-Webster defines Alchemy as:



Definition of alchemy

1a medieval chemical science and speculative philosophy aiming to achieve the transmutation of the base metals into gold, the discovery of a universal cure for disease, and the discovery of a means of indefinitely prolonging life

2a power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way. 

3an inexplicable or mysterious transmuting

The 1st one is what most people think of. We look back on medieval Europeans trying to change base metals, like lead, into noble metals, like gold. But Alchemy's roots go much further back to Egypt, India, Persia, and Asia. 

I've been involved in Alchemical studies for over 40 years now, and the main point of what that is about, is vibrations and working with/changing them. This all stems from the fact that everything is in a state of vibration. Even what appear to be solid objects are in fact vibrating. Vibration is the natural state of the Universe/creation. But our limited 5 senses can only pick up a small portion of this vibratory spectrum. Things like infrared, ultrasound, and deep sub tones are beyond our perception.

But beyond the basic idea of changing things into gold, which can be seen as a metaphor, much of the  thrust of Alchemy has been the idea of changing these vibrations to either enter a different state/dimension; or to be able to change the state of persons or things around us. The Biblical story of Jesus changing water into wine is pure Alchemy. So is healing the sick or raising the dead. 

What I have learned from these studies, and from my own personal experience, is that NOTHING is magical. 

There is NO magical frequency.
There is NO magical instrument.
There is NO magical sound.
There is NO magical anything.

The MAGICK is what you do with something.
The MAGICK is what you bring to it.
The MAGICK is YOU and how you interact with everything.

People are always looking for the PERFECT gong/bowl/bell/frequency, not realizing that the one/s they have is the perfect one. 



Native Shaman with their drum (photo source unknown)

I’m no ‘expert’ on anything, but I have also done a lot of reading and studies on ‘shamanism’ and related fields. 

I think it’s important to take a look at traditional shaman/medicinemen (and medicinewomen) and how they work. When they are engaged in healing someone, their instrument of choice is usually a drum and/or rattle. I have never read anywhere that the drum or rattle must be tuned to a specific frequency in order for the healing to work.

If you were to find the frequency of the instruments of various medicine people across the globe, those frequencies would vary widely. In fact, because the drums use natural animal skins, they are susceptible to humidity, and their tuning will most likely vary almost daily. Even the rattles may be affected by the weather. Yet these people conduct their rituals and healings, possibly on a daily basis.

The drum/rattle is merely a vehicle for the actual work of the shaman, it is not the healing itself…


The point of all of this is that everything you do comes from you! While I have collected and assembled a very specific instrument set up that I use, I also have presented sessions on borrowed instruments. And in each case the results were the same, because it really doesn't matter what the instruments are as much as what my intent (and to a certain degree, skill level) is. So my advice to everyone is:

Stop chasing specific frequencies and instruments. Learn to work with whatever you have in front of you. BE the Magick. Let the healing come from YOU, not any specific things outside of you.

~ MB

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