From the Mail Box: Where Do You Buy All Those Instruments?

Today's blog question comes from Sonia, in Australia, who asked me:
I was just watching your videos from the sound chamber and I was wondering whether would you be able to advise me of where I could purchase those beautiful bells / chimes and kyeezes???

I currently have hundreds of instruments, bells, bowls, and gongs, that I've collected over the past nearly 50 years now. I've picked them up from various places: music shops, eBay, 'new age' stores, online dealers, antique shops, flea markets & resale shops, instrument makers, and some have even been given to me by people who thought I should have them. In fact, my youngest son just gave me a bell this week that he found on his travels in California this summer. He thought it would fit my other sounds!

Collecting instruments has been an ongoing activity for me. You wouldn’t believe all the new bells & kyeezes I collected in my travels this past summer! (insert my wife rolling her eyes yet again) I need to put up some new videos with them.

You can't have too many bells…

My best suggestion is to keep your eyes/ears open for instruments that appear any and everywhere. I know a lot of people in the States who import and sell things from Asia/India. They know what types of instruments I'm looking for, or am interested in, and will let me know when they've found something that fits my needs. I also deal with some of the small, custom Gong & Instrument makers, like Steve Hubback, Michael Paiste, and Grotta Sonora in Europe, and Ryan Shellady in the USA.

Some of the better dealers in the USA to find a wide selection at are Gongs Unlimited in Lincoln, Nebraska; and Steve Weiss Music in Philadelphia. Weiss has 3 fabulous Burma Bells made for them in Asia from top quality bell bronze: 5 ⅝", 8 ½", and 11 ½". The big one weighs in at 2,069g/4.56lb! 

Many of the bigger dealers in the USA and Europe will ship world-wide. As for local sources elsewhere, Google is your friend. It can pay off to do your research to find dealers close to you. Also, smaller local resale sights similar to eBay or Craig's List can often have hidden treasures. Don't forget estate sale of world travelers and collectors. If you're lucky, you might even find a local shop that stocks various gongs, bowls, and bells. These type of places are out there.

So as I wrote earlier, my best suggestion is to keep your eyes/ears open. Good hunting!

~ MB

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