Chiron - The Wounded Healer vs The Cosmic Octave Marine

I had put this whole matter behind me, but was asked once again by Jens Zygar to contribute my thoughts to the very long (129 posts as of writing this) web dialog on the Chiron Gong tuning as a sort of "official summary." (BTW, if you don't know of Jens, he is an amazing musician and worked with Hans Coustou in developing the original Planet Gong Series for Paiste. Please check out: jens zygar and soundcloud). I have the utmost love & respect for Jens. Now I'm not sure what sort of summary I can bring to this, but I will try.

For those of you who missed the previous post, please check it out here as an introduction to what this post is all about.

I had spent a lot of time writing this very long post here, detailing a lot of things, but in the end, it really doesn't matter. So I will save you all from it and keep this fairly short with a few quotes and facts.

Those of you who play Gongs know that they are about healing and unity. We use the vibrations to help make this a better world. The last thing the Gongs are about is EGO. So please understand that the things I write here, while they may include me, are not about me. I never got into this conversation as a vehicle for my own ego, or to say, "Hey, look at me." Those of you who know me personally know that I am, if anything, a very quiet, unassuming person. So please don't make this whole thing about me. But I think it's important to bring out the facts and to look at how not to act, especially on the internet.

Remember, things you post on the internet may 
last forever. So make sure of what you post.

That is why I have taken my time to write both of these blog posts. As I stated last time, I was asked to offer my opinion on the Chiron tuning issue by Jens Zygar. So, before I got involved, the question was raised: 
"Chiron? Why not 171.8 Hz ?" 
To which a certain person replied: 
"so... will you [Meinl] answer to this most important question about tuning???
CHIRON is not at 151.27Hz... what is going on????????????"

From there, things escalated into threats both at Meinl and myself. I won't name the person in question, because they don't need anymore attention than they have already received. Suffice to say, those who know, know. Those who don't, can find out by searching.

Further on: 
", there is nothing to discuss. if you call it cosmic tuned, it means it is based on the planet orbital time around the sun, or the rotation around it's own axis.  […] i hope, that MEINL will understand the importance of accuracy, so the customers know the information is reliable. i am a gong master and i work with cosmic tuned gongs only. i know about the importance of natural frequencies and the reason why we tune different to the standard 440Hz tuning, is the effect of natural frequencies to our body and mind. […] I insist, that MEINL makes a clear statement to this issue and I hope they will understand the importance of their work."

Here is what I posted:
"I was asked to contribute my opinion to this discussion a week ago. I’ve been very busy lately, but also letting my thoughts come together about this.First, the Chiron, Sedna and Nibiru Gongs were not specifically developed by Paiste. They were a request by one of Paiste’s main USA distributors, Accutonics ( They requested the Chiron, Sedna and Nibiru Gongs from Paiste. I’m not completely sure, but I believe they may have also come up with the frequencies used. They also apparently wanted exclusivity for these 3 Gongs because they developed them. Paiste didn't go along with that. As it happens, these are 3 of the most popular Gongs that Paiste makes, so there is something about them that ‘strikes a chord’ with people.
I have read Hans Coustou’s work, and the writings of others. Now as far as the frequencies used, my personal opinion is that I don’t worry about the tuned frequency of the Gongs I play as much as the actual sound and feeling I get from them. Does it matter if Chiron is 171.8 Hz or 151.27 Hz? Not so much to me. But what does matter is, “Is it a sound/frequency I can use in my work?”
Now, I also don’t worry about the tunings of my Singing Bowls or Bells either. I am not concerned if I have a C Bowl for the root Chakra and a F Bowl for the Heart Chakra. I personally don’t subscribe to that exact sort of regimen because I see things as being much more fluid. I find the same Gong/Bowl/Bell, on different days, will have a different affect. I believe in working more ‘in the moment’ and using what intuitively feels right to me at that time. I realize that this goes against what many others believe and have been taught. I can only speak from my own personal experience.
So is 151.27 Hz wrong for the Chiron Gong? I don’t know and don’t really care. What is more important to me is, “do I feel something from this Gong, at this frequency, that I can use in my work? And will it relate to others?”

To which the immediate reply was:
"What a terrible statement! Total ignorance of the importance of the correct tunings. Total unawareness of the importance of natural frequencies and no idea about the power of the same. I am really upset with this here. Call your gong chocolate or sounds fine, but take off the cover of cosmic tunings where there is none.
I am considering to activate the customer protection agency, because you guys are dangerous. You spread false information and spread this in the world. You shall never play for others while disrespecting the importance of correctness and knowledge. [italics mine]  
I will personally take care, that this issue will be solved.The simple way is, if Meinl stop using the title of cosmic tuned planet gongs and stop using the names and symbols.
Why you buy a planet gong, if you don't care about its correct tuning?Really upset now with so much ignorance and I see you as a threat! [italics mine] 
No respect and zero understanding. Your feelings are totally secondary! We are talking about a product using a title, symbol and being not tuned correctly.This is terrible!!!"
I could go on and on, but there is no point, as his many threats against me and others are both meaningless and laughable. One thing though, he later called himself a Cosmic Octave Marine and threatened everyone with the truth once again, because he was apparently anointed by some higher power to save us all from wrong tunings.

Here's the deal: whether face to face, or on the internet, a bully is a bully! There is no excuse for this type of behavior and I will never tolerate it. There is a great deal of difference between having passion and being a bully. Unfortunately, he does not know the difference. I now have zero/zed respect for this person. I am inclined to believe that others who witnessed this tirade of his feel the same. Fortunately, we live over 8,000 miles apart, so I doubt I will ever meet him in person. 

As far as I am concerned, this matter is over, finished. Life is too short to give time and attention to bullies. I have no need of this person or anything they say. So let's all move on…

~ MB

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  1. Amen to that Mike. Universe is about Unity that is why is it not called Multiverse, I think. And if people hold the view of - my way or the highway - I believe, the Universe will send them a runner and hopefully all will wake up to the Truth one day - that heart is more important than the head. Thank you for being You.


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