Mail Call: Beginning the Way, Planet Gongs, 432Hz

A recent comment had multiple questions that I'd like to address here:

  • Is 432Hz a good "healing" frequency?
I wrote about my thoughts on the 432Hz tuning controversy here: 432Hz. There is nothing wrong with 432Hz, or any other tuning for healing. All frequencies can have positive affects. What is as important as anything is intention. Intention is a big part of anything we do. To get anything done, we need to have the intent to do it, to finish it. So too with healing/therapy/meditation. If you are drawn to the 432Hz tuning, then use it, work with it. If you are drawn to other frequencies, then use them, work with them.

  • Are Planetary Gongs good?
Planetary Gongs, like all instruments we may use, are neither good nor bad—they just are. The idea of good or bad again has everything to do with intent. Like I wrote above, if you have a Planetary Gong that resonates with you, and you have good/positive intention to use it, then it is good.

  • How do you start with the Gongs, and what is important for a beginner to know?
The simple answer is to find a Gong that resonates with you and play it everyday, paying attention to how it sounds, and how it feels. Along the way, read as much information as you can, and learn what others before you have discovered. Attend other Gong events and talk to other Gong people. 

Be open, listen, learn.

Buy and read Frank Perry's wonderful book, Himalayan Sound Revelations. While the book is specifically about Singing Bowls, much of the information and ideas are relevant to anyone working with Gongs/Bowls/Bells.

Onother place to start is to read all 64 posts I have written here, but realize that this is only my opinion, my experience, and that yours will most certainly vary in different ways. I've written extensively about finding your own path. Use the internet and search out Gong related topics. Also, watch YouTube videos.  And keep working with your Gongs. 

~ MB

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  2. Thank you a lot! :) You answered my questions :)
    I understand that intention is one of the most important things on healing matters.
    Maybe I was looking more on the technical part with gongs.. Thanks again :) Hope I can find this book in Italy


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