Cultivating A Practice Through the Art of Drowning

We've all had that day, the day we feel too tired, or too busy, or too scattered, or too…name a thousand things. I go through that. I go through that with Yoga, with music, with meditating, with writing, with all the things I do. But when we're too tired, or busy, or scattered, that's the time we need our practice the most.

The practice is enough in itself.

I resist.
I make excuses.
I procrastinate.
I tell myself lies.

Yet when I finally say yes, I am grateful. I am grateful because I am doing it for myself. Too often our modern society makes us feel guilty if we take time for ourselves. Other people tell us, “You really need to do this for me right now.” 

Right now. 
Well, right now is for me.
Right now is my time.

If you were drowning, I would stop to save you. But have you ever stopped to think that I may be drowning inside? That maybe I need to save myself? 

I drown a little bit everyday.

I drown little bit everyday and no one sees it but me, because I try not to advertise it, to force it on others, to make a big deal out of it. And as a result, I save myself everyday. 

I jump in. 
I jump in with my practice.

And my practice, no matter how reluctant I am to do it, gives me the space to exist. It gives me the moment to exist. It is my breathing this Universe in and out, over and over again. 

And I fight it.
And I surrender.
And I fight it.
And I surrender.
Over and over, like the mythical Sisyphus, rolling the boulder up the hill each day. And it is my hill and I claim it. And I Surrender and am reborn everyday. And it saves me.

The practice is enough in itself.

Don't forget to take time for yourself, take time for your practice, whatever it is…

~ MB

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