Gong Summit: Day 3

Today was the midpoint of the Summit. Things are moving along and there are brisk sales of all things Gong and accessories. Where else can you ever have the chance to try out so many wonderful instruments and even talk to the people who made them? I bought more stuff and easily went through my allotted budget. I'm good with that.

 Where else can you ever find Gongs lining the hallways?

 Do you need mallets? Perhaps some Noah Bells or other small percussion.

Michael Bettine

Wednesday morning and I was a bit nervous to be presenting a master class. While I've done hundreds of sessions and classes, presenting your ideas to such a group of Gong fanatics seemed a bit daunting. But I had no need to worry, as these are my people, my tribe, and they embraced me with such warmth and love. I was both honored and humbled. I also had a lot of fun.

Some guy talking about Gongs. (Photo borrowed from Jens Zygar)

How do I describe or critique my own class? I won't. I'll leave it up to others. I'm sure there are plenty of descriptions on Facebook.

Sheila Whittaker

The afternoon class featured the wonderful Sheila Whittaker from England. She spoke about using the Gong in one-on-one sessions. Here depth of knowledge and warm heart really shown through. With a delicate touch, she danced her way around the Gongs and was pure poetry. She demonstrated 3 different types of sessions with the help of audience members. The effect on each one was felt throughout the room. I was in awe and realize that I have a lot of homework to do when I get back home in order to even approach her level of skill.

Sheila Wittaker pulling the sound out of a Gong.

To balance things out, the evening panel was all women speaking about their role in all of this. While the Gong world has seemed to be male dominated, I'm pleased to say that the attendance at the Summit appears to be close to an equal male to female ratio. My feeling is that everyone here is just a Gong player and no gender qualifications are needed. If anything, we need the feminine side to be an equal part of all this. After all, one of our goals is to bring about balance and harmony.

Besides the Master Classes and panel discussion, there is a morning yoga/meditation, evening Gong sessions, and impromptu drumming sessions that run late into the night. The energy here is overflowing.

~ MB

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