Gong Summit: Day 5

All Good Things…

My initial reaction is, “How did we get here, to the last day?” The week has gone by in a flash (refer to my presentation about the elasticity of time). What a week it was. And now we are wrapping things up. Lunch was bittersweet, as we knew that we would all be moving on, back to our own lives. So many friendships were started or renewed here. It's difficult to part and leave it all behind. This has been a life changing event for many of us. 

We all got together in the barn room one more time. Mitch summed things up and thanked all the presenters and other people involved in making this Summit happen. There was laughter, there were tears, and there was a collective sigh realizing how much the time spent together meant to each of us. 

Last purchases were made of Gongs and accessories, and finally, it was time for goodbyes. And then packing it all up and loading things back into the trucks. Fortunately, the trucks were much lighter, as Shawn Aceto, Grotta Sonora, and Steve Weiss Music all sold a lot of instruments. It was great to see the support of both Shawn and Grotta, as their instruments were loved by everyone, and many are now on their way to new homes (I'm looking forward to greeting mine when I return home next week).

A Final Look

Mitch Nur with Jens Zygar
Myself with Ryan Shelledy's bronze triangle bells
Sheila Wittaker
Jens Zygar
Mike Tamburo
Part of the Gong Makers & Players panel
L-R: Makers Ryan Shelledy, Shawn Aceto, Jim Doble; 
with players Michael Bettine, Mike Tamburo, and Jens Zygar.

Looking Ahead

There's already a buzz about having a Summit next year. Judging by the success of the first one, I'm sure there will be more. I'm planning on being there. 

On Facebook there has been a point made that the cost of going was too expensive for some. What can I say? 

  • It was an all inclusive event, where once you were there, your rooms and food were included. 
  • You were able to have Master Classes with 5 amazing artists from around the world. 
  • You were able to test and buy amazing hand made instruments from their makers. 
  • I made myself available to talk with anyone who wanted to. I answered many questions and even helped people test and pick out Gongs. I know the other teachers did the same.
  • There was such an amazing sense of community with everyone.
So how much is too much? How can you put a price on an event of this magnitude? People save up to go on a cruise, or go to Disney World for a week. It's all about what you want.

The good thing is that seeds have been planted in everyone's minds, and we will all go home and plant more seeds by presenting the ideas we all learned here in our individual communities. The Gong Summit didn't stop on Friday, because it lives on in all of us and we will bring it to all of you.

I'll present a final overview and wrap up after I get home later this week.

~ MB

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