Looking Over The Edge: MOFO, Part 2 of 6

A day off here, but I was busy. I went over to MONA FOMA, the museum across the bay where most of the musical activities will take place. I was given the tour of where I'll play and then toured the museum by myself, checking out the art. It's quite an incredible place. The 2 rooms there that I'm playing in are completely different, so this will take different approaches with the music in each one. I always love a challenge and am up to this one.

The Nolan Gallery, one place where I will perform.

The Barrel Room, where they age the wine made on premises.
I get to play at some amazing places.

Later, I checked out the ferry terminal back in town, where I'll also play. This presents a completely different set of acoustics and possibilities.  Another aspect of this is that I've yet to check out the borrowed gear I'm using. This presents it's own challenges. Thus is the life of an improvising percussionist. Now all that remains is to work out a set list for tomorrow's shows (Or maybe not). 

~ MB

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